Why Choose Granite Countertops?

Granite is a product of nature and has its own unique qualities that distinguish it from quartz surface materials. Granite has wonderful character that is offered by vein patterns and color variations. Available in a striking array of colors, granite’s durability make it ideal for kitchen countertops.

Granite is one of the most bacteria-resistant kitchen surfaces. It is nearly impossible to scratch, and with proper cleaning will not stain under normal use. Granite is naturally a very strong element with a natural ability to withstand extreme temperatures; however, granite is not impervious to heat. Granite is harder than most knife blades and will dull them if you use the countertop as cutting board.

How Do I Care For Granite?

We recommend using a cutting board. Granite should receive cleaning care routinely. Preferably using specially formulated granite cleaner or using a mild phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish-soap followed by a thorough rising and drying. We offer a full line of premium stone care products in our showroom.

Benefits of Granite: Classic Beauty, Durability, Easy Maintenance, Superior Quality, Affordability, Increased Home Value.

Quality Tile, Inc. stocks hundreds of natural stone slabs of brilliant colors from around the world for your viewing. We encourage you to visit our showroom and slab yard to see our exceptional selection.

Please contact a sales representative for pricing on granite countertops.


"I held my breath when they brought it in. Everyone at Quality Tile had spent a lot of time with me and provided plenty of advice, but still I worried. However, there was no need! The stone looks beautiful. Andy & Erick, the installers, are skilled perfectionists and very reassuring and amiable. ..."


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